Do You Really Want RO Water Purifier ?

Do You Really Need RO Water Purifier at Your Home of Office?

Here is the answer from one of the best Architects and Interior Designers in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. As a house or office owner, you should first send 2 Litres water collected from the municipal water line or boring water that you receive at your property for testing of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). If the TDS of the water sample is less than or equal to 500 milligrams per litre; then you do not require RO Water purifier at your home. You should get the water sample tested every year once. Did you know that, waste water from RO Purifies are reducing the ground water level drastically. Government of India has planned to ban RO Water Purifier usage in areas which do not comply to above equation. The ban will be applicable by end of 2020. If the TDS is less than 500 mg/ Lt, it can remove useful minerals from potable water- required by human body. It should also be noted that if the RO waste water is not upto the useable TDS mark as shown below in the table, it should not at all be used for specified reasons.

Did you know, depending upon the TDS or impurities content of the water supply you receive at your residence or work, the RO purifier may produce 3 times waste water for a given quantity of pure water that you are extracting for domestic purposes. This is a clear damage to the environment. If we do not use water with a proper conservative approach in the present times; we may soon run out of useable water in our grown population. So be wise and sensitive before planning a RO water machine for yourselves.

Here are 7 proven re-uses of RO waste water.

  1. Mopping (Pocha) : Use diluted RO water to avoid White Stain marks on your precious flooring
  2. Car Wash: Washing a car may take up to 14 litres of water.
  3. Gardening : To avoid adverse effect of RO waste water on your plants and trees, you should consider the following test before using RO waste water for any gardening purposes.
  1. The permissible levels of TDS in water for any gardening (or farming and irrigation) purposes are 2100 PPM. Your RO waste water detail report will carry the PPM available in your water for cross checking.
  2. Sodium percentage should also be checked; abnormally excessive sodium can change the texture and properties of soil. Making it poor for any kind of yield.
  1. Dish Washing: To avoid the white stain marks depositing on the utensils, we recommend you to dip the washed utensils in the fresh water bucket.
  2. Toilet Flushing : Toilet flushing consumes approximately 7 litres of water. RO Waste water can be wisely planned and used for flushing purpose. Infact, an RO water tank can be planned at the beginning of the plumbing planning for your residence. Architect Angad Kasliwal is always wilfully more than happy to implement the same in co-herence to client’s aspirations. Again, depending on white deposits, this should be monitored closely to avoid damage of sanitary ware.
  3. Bathing Pets: You should consider diluting RO waste water with regular tap water before using it for bathing pets at home.
  4. Washing Clothes: Only for prewash or pre-rinsing of the clothes. The dissolved salts can actually help you remove or dilute stains from your clothes. You should consider this method for non- delicate fabric like, carpets, rugs, heavy curtains.

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