How to Reduce Cost of Construction of Your Residence?

Tips to reduce cost of construction of your residence

In the duration of construction there can be a lot of ups and downs of the rates of various materials, like cement, sand, aggregate, steel, bricks etc. The demand and supply of the materials is usually seasonal in construction. The rates of materials change almost every 3-4 months. In a larger construction, this can greatly affect the client budget. Here are a few tips shared by Ar. Angad Kasliwal, one of the best Architects and Interior Designers in Indore, Madhya Pradesh for how you can try and save maximum in your construction cost.

Material Specifications: If you are a brand loving person, this head is less of your types. But, be meaningful. Example, using a OPC-43 grade of cement in construction of a residence in lets say Indore and its suburban areas is of less use. A PPC grade cement of a reliable brand will give you a fair play in the construction of your house. At Studio23 Architects and Interior Designers, we generally change the specifications and brand of cement from foundation till plaster stage to help client with cost averaging of total consumption of cement in the project. With cement, the binding capacity may change with brand because of its factory make. Similarly, irrespective of marketing value of construction steel; no steel brand can help resist earthquake, if the technique of application on site of same is not as per architect’s drawings. Steel marketed as heavy steel or earthquake protective steel only increases its rates. Using a Fe-500 grade steel is recommended by us irrespective of Fe-415 for residence construction with a reliable brand. We often suggest, one time investment in a good product will save more money than using low standard material- which will have yearly maintenance issue. There are a lot of technicalities in all materials like gauge of steel, or fly ash content in cement, type of sand, size of gitti etc that needs appropriate understanding for placing purchase order. Ar. Angad Kasliwal helps their client establish a clarity before the construction on site begins. A fair list of specifications in client budget also help in saving the carbon footprint of the building, thus making it green building.

Technique: Ar. Angad Kasliwal, at Studio23 Architects and Interior Designers, Indore over a period of time has developed special construction techniques to help reduce the cost of construction. Popularly known techniques include using 4 inches internal wall and 8 inches external wall, use of materials in proximity of site or from within the city,

Site Supervision: We at Studio23 Architects and Interior Designers, Indore recommend clients to deploy site supervisor/ site engineer to check on application and wastage of materials in due course of construction. Ar. Angad Kasliwal and his team provide a detail calculation of the materials that will get consumed stage wise. But, the calculation on paper will fail, if it is not used as directed. Who will check it? If the client is not able to afford a monthly paid site supervisor, a highly skilled contractor to Studio23 or client’s confidence is a must.

If the contractor is not able to read the architect’s drawing and works by commonsense- the client may have to break and built again and again. This will result in loss of money, material and patience.

Design Matters: The client should develop clarity of his requirements and aspirations with us in the first meeting. If you do not share a tentative budget that you are having for your construction of house and its interiors, no architect can help you come close to achieving your desired bungalow in desired budget. Ar. Angad Kasliwal, with his expanse of experience designs a property accordingly to manage the client’s budget. For example, optimum utilization on a space is must, to avoid wastage in unusable spaces; scattered planning in budget projects should be avoided. More the foundations in scattered planning, more the consumption of materials and increase of cost. Going vertical helps. A relatively square plan with less offsets help control cost. Or lets say, it is not at all must that using Wood, ACP or Stone are the only ways to make elevation look appealing.

Maintain Safe Liquidity of Cash; do your calculations right: While planning the budget for the construction, the clients generally forget cost of bore-well, do not take care of site conditions, forget taxation on materials and their freight (transport) charges, forget monthly payments to make to site guard, running electricity bill of site, genuine wastage of materials, municipality sanction fees, landscaping, solar panels etc. This generally would cost to a maximum of additional 15%-20% of total estimated cost of construction. Keep this amount safe to avoid feeling bankrupt.

Comparison with your friend: Always remember, a per square feet rate of construction popularly known in market is a myth, until your plot size is 1000 Sq. Ft. This is because the design options are usually limited in 1000 Sq Ft plots. Everything depends on design and your valued aspirations. The requirements and uniqueness of every individual differs and so will his home sweet home.

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