Cost of Interior Works for New Residence

Interior Designing and Interior Decoration is very personal aspiration of the client. Different people have different tastes and different people allocate different budgets for the interiors of their residence. If you think that good interiors can be done only in a particular budget, than you are absolutely wrong.  Good interiors are totally a subject of designers understanding of your budget and taste. It is here, that the role of interior designer will help you to accomplish your dream; without feeling bankrupt. How much amount should be allocated to which element of the interiors is a very critical understanding.

Studio23 Architects and Interior Designers, takes care of all the aspects of the client aspirations and their budget in designing, choice of materials and execution. There have been times in the practice of Architect Angad Kasliwal, where we have helped clients to achieve a very contemporary interior with absolutely minimalistic elements. We strongly believe that it is not the budget but the creativity that governs the look and feel of the space.

We always suggest our clients that a per square feet estimate of any work is purely a myth and one should not consider it for financial planning of the interiors of the residence. Simply because the scope of work (things that needs to be done) and site conditions vary from project to project. However, the market understanding starts from Rs 800/- square foot of total roof count of your house. Luxury is always subjective and stands in non-comparison of project to project.

For the client who has a certain allocation of budget for interiors, we prefer a reverse calculation to execute the design.

For good looking interiors, one must consider  minimum Rs 1000 per Square Feet of Carpet Area before commencing the work. The rates may vary depending upon the design and material specifications.

For a customised solution to your interiors, feel free to contact Architect Angad Kasliwal, one of the best Architects and Interior Designers in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. You may call us on +91 75090 1234 7 for scheduling a meeting and having a detailed discussion. We are always happy to help you achieve your dreams.

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