Answers to All Your Questions Before Starting Construction Works

What is the cost of construction of residence and other general questions related to construction of a house answered by Ar. Angad Kasliwal, founder and principal architect of Studio23 Architects and Interior Designers. Studio23 is one of the best Architecture and Interior Design Firms of Indore, Madhya Pradesh. We love to offer value for money to our clients with our ever green concepts and innovative designing approach.

Q. What will be the cost of my residence project?

A. We at Studio23 Architects and Interior Designers customise the design and execution as per the client budget for the best possible result and client satisfaction. Only for considerations on a safe side, the client should multiply total roof count into Rs 1600/- for civil works- in M-20 grade of concreting, up to flooring stage. And for interior works estimate; multiply total carpet area into Rs 1000/- for good looking interiors. We can only share closely exact cost of construction after the planning and mood board is finalised as per client requirements. In the execution- duration of the project; various materials undergo change of rates, which can be finalised only at the time of procurement. It may go higher, or it may go lower that the estimated cost of that material considered at the time of preparing the estimate. The general estimate of construction of a house also depends upon location of site, hard rock availability below ground, cement sand and steel specifications, basement construction, month of starting the construction etc. Luxury requirements such as swimming pool and other top end requirements add to cost of construction. You can feel free to contact us for understanding the same in detail.

Q. How much time will it take to complete my project?

A. We consider a period of approximately 10-11 months for an Architecture project to complete in context of Indore. The period quoted is for a construction of 5000 Sq Ft of roof count area. In general, for a project to take full pace ready availability of all the requisite materials on the site is required, by phase. The interior design for the same roof count shall take approximately 7 to 9 months. It should be noted that construction on site is forwarded with favour of season. Starting construction in rains or peak of festival time is not suggested for considering the said time phase. Patience is the bottom line. Studio23 Architects and Interior Designers, Indore supports its clients through thicks and thins of the project.

Q. What are the rates of contractor and which contractor will work on site?

A. Civil contractor rates by roof count starts from Rs 180 per Square Feet to Rs 230 per Square Feet. A more experienced and technically sound contractor will be more expensive and will be in a position to construct your house in the given time frame. He would usually have a large team to take good care of your project. He would also be more careful for good finishing of works under his scope of execution. For interior works, like flooring, false ceiling, electrical works, paint, texture, furniture, cushioning etc every contractor shares their rate and cannot be generalised under one head. Studio23 Architects and Interior Designers, Indore has well trained and trusted set of contractors suggested to the client, who work consistently to accomplish and deliver the design. The market shares numerous contractors depending on their experience, expertise and ability to execute detailing of work with precision. If a client wishes to deploy a contractor of their trust, we welcome the same subjected to condition that the quality of work we expect at Studio23 Architects and Interior Designers Indore should comply with our standards. The contractor should be able to understand the drawings and should have a previous track record of trust and quality work.

Q. How many labours will work on site?

A. The number of labours deployed is completely to the discretion of the contractor, who very well understands projected time lines of the project. It’s only the time line that is our priority as an Architect, Interior Designer or the Client. Number of labours to deploy and complete work is guarantee of the contractor.

Q. What are the rates of material vendors and which vendor to hire for my site?

A. We provide the client with product specifications required on site for given work and in line with the vision of the project. The client is free to procure comparative quotations for specifications given by the Architect. Studio23 Architects and Interior Designers, Indore work with trusted set of vendors established with renounced reputation of products over the period of time. In line of our commitments, we share list of vendors who supply reliable products. The guarantee of any product is solely discretion of the vendor or the brand. Uncompromised and good products last longer avoiding your recurring expenses. Inappropriate and cheap products last for less time and repairing costs and inconvenience to the clients’ family later on can be cumbersome. 

Q. What will I do if anything goes wrong on my site after work completion?

A. Any work issue executed beyond the scope of drawings issued by the Architect and executed by the contractor or the client by persuasion is purely their responsibility. For the works executed as per the drawings issued by the Architect; it is the guarantee and warrantee of the contractor for execution of the work.  For generic issues related to Plumbing, Electricity etc the client shall contact the contractor directly after the completion of the project. If the client has paid contractor his dues on time, generally they will not harass you. For works involving vendors and specialised agencies life Lift, Termite Proofing etc., clients are suggested to take up Annual Maintenance Contract with the requisites. Studio23 Architects and Interior Designers, Indore suggests dealing with any agency with scope of work and quotation documented on paper before commencing the work.

For further queries and doubts, feel free to contact Studio23 | Ar. Angad Kasliwal at or call us at +91 75090 1234 7 for appointment.

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