Calculator for Cost of Construction for Residence Project

Calculator for Cost of Construction for A Project

The cost of construction of any residential project depends upon many factors, viz; Architectural Building Design, Site Conditions (Availability of Hard Strata or Hard Rock from Road Level), Site Location and Material Storing Capacity, Planning of Earthquake Resistant Structure, Thickness of the Wall, Materials Grade and Brand, Elevation Stones and lot more. A few factors completely are technical and dependant on the discretion of the Architect and few factors depend on the aspirations and life style preference of the client.

Studio23 Architects and Interior Designers Indore, strongly recommend that client should consider estimate based on the architectural designing, because every residence looks different and hence the cost of construction will be different.

To know more, you can feel free to contact, Architect Angad Kasliwal, one of the best Architects and Interior Designers in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. We help our clients realise the cost of construction of their esteemed aspirations for the project v/s the finance they hold towards the same. Our experience and ideas of customizing the client requirements try to fill this gap and help the client achieve their project with utmost satisfaction.

8 out of 10 clients who follow the guidelines of Architect Angad Kasliwal for project execution do not feel bankrupt by the end of the project completion. We are specialised in preparing detailed estimate for the client reference before starting the work on site.

The general estimate for understanding purpose only can be referred at the link available at Birla Website:

For more information call Architect Angad Kasliwal, Studio23 Architects and Interior Designers Indore at +91 750901234 7

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