How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality Naturally

How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality Naturally

As much as we love our country and the city that we live in, the rise in the level of pollution is at an alarming rate as we read this and the fact is that we are to be blamed for the same. It is because of our ignorance that we cannot welcome the oncoming generations to breath in the fresh air or enjoy the seasons like we did back in our days. While there are measures being taken to bring the water pollution in control, the airborne diseases are still on the rise. However, if we bring about small changes in the way we live, we can be sure of giving the clean air to kids at least in the microenvironment of our house until the new born is strong enough to take on things.

Home air pollution can be a mix of dust, mould, pet particles, smoke and other things in the house. But if you take a few measures in the right direction you can assure clean air for your kids and other family members at home.

Start with deep cleaning of the house

You may have spent a lot on building a house with the garden view and like to enjoy opening up the door and windows when the occasional beautiful weather knocks on your door. But it lets in a lot of dust and unwanted particles inside the house damaging the sanctity of the air that you breathe. You should regularly indulge in deep cleaning of the house apart from every morning dusting sessions. Clean the rugs, carpets and upholstery of the sofa sets in your house to get rid of the moulds and dust particles that attaches itself to the house. A vacuum cleaner can come in handy to clean the areas that are otherwise hard to access.

Opting for low Volatile organic compounds

When doing the interiors of your house ask your experienced interiors designer from Indore to find products that have low VOC. These chemical compounds are found in building materials like the cement, paint and industry grade adhesives used in the interiors of the house. You can get rid of the chemical compounds found in these materials easily. If you save money on spending on these materials you may end up suffering from issues like headaches, respiratory problems, Fatigue and poor concentration levels that can be quite damaging over a period of time.

Smoke and moisture free home

Use a chimney of high grade while cooking in your open kitchen. As much as we love the idea of open kitchens in the house, the smoke and greasy air that Indian food produces renders things like powerful chimneys quite useless after a point. Cleaning these exhaust fan and chimneys can be a taxing job for the helpers but you should designate a day every fortnight for them to do the cleaning so that they work in the optimum environment and suck in all the dust and grease.

Moisture can cause moulds in the house. It can be quite damaging and cause respiratory issues in kids and adults with weak immunity. During the rainy season, it is best to clean every nook and corner of the house that may be laden with moisture. You can also ask your architect in Indore to help with the renovation work of areas in the walls that swell due to seeping of water inside the walls.

Air purifiers

If you are afraid of the airborne particles entering the house, you can always invest in a good quality air purifier or plants that are known as natural air purifiers. Some plants like the Aloevera, peace lily and snake plants are known for absorbing harming particles in the air and giving your fresh air instead. They will also help in increasing the natural beauty of the house as well as add some definitive colour to otherwise dull place.   

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