Rainwater harvesting: one stop solution to all your water issues

Rainwater harvesting: one stop solution to all your water table issues

While travelling through the expanse of the city you may have observed a sudden rise in the water tanks making way past your vehicle to half throw up water from the tank belly and hastily reach a destination. This is due to lack in the underground water level of the houses that are constantly digging in deeper with their electrical motors to pull out water. Not only has it disturbed the water level in the ground but also resulted in difficult days in extreme summers when you have to leverage your jacks to get water tankers to your house and pay extra for them.

Rise in the construction of house has led to lowering of water levels. However, the expert architects in Indore suggest that there is a way to get over this problem. By making simple additions in your house you can make use of the rainwater harvesting. It will help in increasing the water levels in the house and if you are well prepared with these measures in the oncoming rainy season, You might not have to face similar issues in the next summer season.

What is rainwater harvesting?

Bringing rainwater to immediate use

You can install big barrels and water cisterns with taps in your house on open landscape like your garden area, backyard or the terrace. When the rain comes pouring down, it will automatically collect in these barrels. This water can later be used for chores like washing cars, dishes or other required areas of the house.

You could also get fancy rain chains instead of drab looking PVC pipes to divert the run off water from the terrace and other areas so that it directly goes into the ground or the barrels kept for the purpose. You could also ask for help from your landscape designer on this matter. They can create virtually pleasing setups with perforated pipes that looks like a natural waterfall amidst the yard area while operating the discerning task of increasing the underground water level by channelling the run off water in the pit.   

Diverting rainwater in your land

If you dig trenches with stonework on top in the open areas of the ground level, you will be able to collect the rainwater and increase the groundwater level eventually. These pits should be made in the areas that are open to sky and have natural flow of water due to slope of the house in the given direction.

Money saving Tip:  If you talk to your architect well in advance, during the construction of the house, they can help you with the rainwater recharge ideas at the base of the construction, costing much less than what you would have to spend in an already constructed space.

Filtering rainwater for using it in the house

Charcoal water filters: made up of layers of sand, charcoal and gravel.

Sand filters: made up of layers of coarse sand, gravel and the third layer comprising a combination of gravel and rocks.

PVC filters: Made up of layers of pebbles in the ascending order.

Sponge filters: made up of 3 layers of sponge and then a layer of sand.

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